STOP Childhood obesity

We help you to prevent an overweight child from becoming an adult with health problems

We help you to prevent an overweight child from becoming an adult with health problems

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In 2016 more than 41 million children under five years old worldwide were overweight or obese. If this trend continues, by 2025 there could be 70 million overweight children worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, childhood obesity is one of the 21st century’s most serious public health issues. And the problem is no less critical in Spain. Over 17% of children from 5 to 9 years old in our country are overweight or obese.

By joining forces we can combat this pandemic by taking action and throwing all our weight behind encouraging good habits. Starting within the family or the educational sector, you too can act.

It seems easy in theory: if, starting tomorrow, we change the way we feed our children, the problem would be solved. However, we know that this change in our routines is not as easy in practice. This is why we want to share some simple recommendations to help instill healthy lifestyle habits in your children, ranging from what they are eating to making sure they are getting some daily exercise. Put them into practice and watch how your whole family’s health will improve.

Our MASTERS help you to become aware of the problem
You are not alone in the fight against obesity and excess weight. The NBA player, Pau Gasol; the award-winning chef Dani García; the cardiologist Dr. Valentín Fuster and the Youtuber WillyRex, one of the most influential gamers for young people, have all joined forces in the fight against childhood obesity. Don’t miss the videos in our MASTERS campaign.
So that an overweight child does not go on to have health problems as an adult
There are certain small actions we can take to help children pick up healthy lifestyle habits from early childhood. How we do our grocery shopping and whether or not we engage in physical activity can affect the health of our children.
Don’t let excess weight affect their health
If your child is overweight, it is crucial that you realize early on in order to do something about it. We are offering tips to help you take action, by applying simple changes to their routines and of course being supported by healthcare professionals.
There are no magic formulas only correct nutritional guidelines
A good diet is an essential tool for controlling your child’s weight. But there are no express or miracle diets. An overweight child needs to learn how to eat healthily and to acquire good eating patterns that will stay with them throughout their life.