Tuna and tomato empanadillas

Practicooking. The kitchen as a meeting point

Preparation: 25min

Diners: 4 people

Difficulty: Simple

Age: 6-8 years old (they should not fry the empanadilla)

Many of us remember making homemade empanadillas when we were little, but there are plenty of us who don’t remember and have no clue how to make them. Until now! With practicooking. And to make them more healthy, instead of frying them we will bake them in the oven. Fundación MAPFRE and Fundación Dani García want us to rediscover the joy of cooking as a family and doing it in the healthiest way possible.


¿Eres alérgico a los lacteos?


¿Eres alérgico a los huevos?


¿Eres alérgico al gluten?
¿Eres alérgico al pescado?


Ingredients and preparation

For the empanadilla filling:

• 150g of tinned and drained tuna
• 80g of “Mata” tomato sauce
• 1 boiled and chopped egg
• 4g of chopped mint

  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and add salt to taste, mixing it all together with a spoon.
  2. Set aside.

To make the empanadillas:

• Pre-made empanadilla dough
• 280g of empanadilla filling
• Beaten egg

  1. Fill the empanadilla dough with the filling.
  2. Brush a little of the beaten egg over one of the edges.
  3. Close and press down the edges with a fork.
  4. Store them in the fridge until you want to cook them.

Final touches and presentation

  1. There are two options for making the empanadillas.
  2. You can fry them at 180º in a fryer or bake them in the oven at 180º until they go golden brown (make sure to brush them with the beaten egg before putting them in the oven).