Grilled fish and fruit pisto

Practicooking. The kitchen as a meeting point

Preparation: 40min

Diners: 4 people

Difficulty: Medium

Age: Over 10 years old

We all know how important it is to eat fruit and fish, but the truth is children do not usually like them much. Therefore this dish is a double win since they will eat both things and enjoy them too. Practicooking, a Fundación MAPFRE and Fundación Dani García initiative, offers us this new recipe which your children will enjoy cooking and eating.


¿Eres alérgico al pescado?


Ingredients and preparation

For the pisto:

• 300g of zucchini
• 300g of eggplant
• 250g of “mata” tomato sauce
• 100g of mango (unripe)
• 100g of apple (unripe)
• 45g of mild olive oil
• tblsp of salt

  1. Cut the courgette up into 1×1 cm pieces and cook over a medium heat in a skillet with a little bit of mild olive oil, taking care not to overcook them. Remove and set aside.
  2. Carry out the same process with the eggplant, add the tomato sauce and the cooked zucchini and heat up the mixture.
  3. At this point add the diced fruit in the same way as the vegetables, add salt to taste and set aside.

Final touches and presentation

  1. Divide the sea bass fillet into 140 gram portions and add salt to taste.
  2. Sear the skin side of the fish first in a non-stick skillet with a little bit of mild olive oil so that it stays crispy. Finish cooking the other side of the fish on a medium heat.
  3. Warm up the pisto, you can also add a couple of egg yolks once it is off the heat.
  4. Serve a portion of fish on a plate together with our fruit pisto.