Motorcycles and the bus lane

It is common to see motorcycles and scooters using the bus lane in cities
It is common to see motorcycles and scooters using the bus lane in cities, a lane whose use is restricted to buses and taxis as a general rule. This means that no other type of vehicle can enter this lane, unless crossing it to enter a parking garage or a similar situation.

However, this rule can be modified by municipal ordinances from each local government, so we may find places where motorcycles and mopeds are allowed to use the bus lane (like Madrid or Valencia) and others where they are not (like Barcelona), although always giving preference to buses and taxis.

Therefore, we provide you with some tips for using the bus lane (if allowed) on your motorcycle:

Is it allowed?

The first thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with your local legislation to know if you can use the bus lane or not on your motorcycle or moped (pay attention to the difference) and under what conditions. If you do not know the rule in force in the municipality, make sure you use normal traffic lanes to avoid committing any infraction. Additionally, if there were an accident, you would be in the wrong for driving in a place where you are not allowed.


Do not forgot, even if you are allowed to use the bus lane, motorcycles must give the right of way to buses and taxis since this is a privilege given to motorcycles. Facilitate their movement, stops and merging.


Keep in mind that motorcycles and scooters are more difficult to see than other vehicles because of their small size. Make an effort to be remain in the field of vision of other drivers and wear brightly colored clothing.

Preventive driving

It is not uncommon to see vehicles invade the bus lane, in spite of the fact that it is forbidden. Do not expect everyone to respect the rules. Adopt preventive and defensive driving techniques considering what others might do, like invading the bus lane without realizing that you are already in it on your motorcycle.

Education and awareness

When using normal traffic lanes, whether in a car or on a motorcycle, be aware that public transportation vehicles (buses and taxis) have preference in the bus lane as well as in lanes where there might be other vehicles (motorcycles, ambulances, police cars and other vehicles). It is just a matter of respecting and being aware of their special treatment.