Coping with the heat on a motorcycle

Let's see why we should continue to use suitable motorcycle clothing in summer

You can’t deny that motorcycle clothing, in addition to being the perfect accessory to protect us against a fall, should be made from good material to protect us against weather conditions, especially from the cold and rain.

Nevertheless, there are too many people who decide not to wear their jacket and other items when the hot summer temperatures arrive, risking serious injuries in an accident.

Next we are going to look at why we should keep wearing suitable motorcycle clothing in summer and in turn how to deal with the heat when riding your motorcycle.

Specific summer motorcycle clothing.

  1. Just like you wear a coat in winter and a bathing costume in summer, there are different models of clothing and footwear for when you’re on your motorcycle which are not only aimed at different purposes (sports, trail, urban), but they are designed to keep the cold out, or to ventilate without loosing their protective power in summer. Brands normally have different summer and winter ranges.
    Of course, don’t even think about riding your motorcycle without a shirt, with shorts, flip flops or similar


It’s true that the structure of motorcycle jackets are very similar, regardless of whether they are for summer or winter. There are even some that you can wear in both seasons. The difference is in the series of openings that let the air flow inside to cool your body down, which are very generous summer jackets. In the mixed jackets, they can be opened or closed. Remember to open them when you’re stationary to avoid distractions when riding. The same is true with other accessories such as footwear, pants and gloves.


It’s not a very attractive thought, but dampness in movement helps us to cool down faster and lower our core temperature. One option is to try a damp shirt, although there are now vests on the market that you wear under your jacket which can be filled with water and allow dampness to transpire.

Remember to wet your head with water or pass a wet towel over your forehead and neck when you stop for a rest to alleviate your suffering.


In summer we lose more liquid than normal and it’s easier to dehydrate. To avoid this happening on your motorcycle, drink a lot of water, even if you don’t fancy it. You can also drink sodas. If the heat is extreme, you can use a camelback, which is a device to hydrate while riding without having to handle anything, keeping your hands on the handlebars.


As you know, dark colors give more heat. Try to use light colored clothing and accessories to reflect the sun’s energy.

Helmet, better integral

In the heat you may be tempted to leave your integral helmet at home and opt for an open jet type helmet. There are open helmets that are standardized and legal. However, they protect less than an integral helmet. If you choose an integral helmet remember to open the vents but keep the visor closed (or leave a minimum opening) to protect against bugs or stones that could hit you in the eye.