Equipment for enjoying your motorcycle safely

Travel safely on two wheels

Travel safely on two wheels
We all know that wearing a helmet is basic for our safety, but it’s not the only safety measure that we should adopt. The jacket, gloves and pants that you wear are essential for protecting you against bad weather conditions, but above all, they protect you against scrapes with the road following a possible fall. It’s very important to know how long your equipment will last and the protection it provides. This section includes information about new features and all the information you need to be safely equipped.

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Choose the most suitable helmet

Not all motorcycles are the same. And the same goes for helmets. There are various categories and each is appropriate for a different use. We can tell you which helmet is right for you. For your safety.

Motorcyclist gear

On a motorcycle you are the chassis. We will explain what is the safest gear for protecting you and preventing injuries. Now you know, join Goal Zero.

Heated grips, a solution against the cold

One of the greatest issues with the motorcycle (or delights, depending on your point of view) is the exposure of the driver to inclement weather. Extreme cold makes many leave the motorcycle at home, but there are also may who know how to equip themselves properly so as not to abandon their bike when it gets cold.

Motorcyclist equipment in winter

For many, the arrival of the cold and winter is synonymous with parking up their bikes until spring comes around. We’re going to give you some tips to be perfectly equipped and not feel obliged to travel by other means.

Motorcycle helmets also expire

Despite all the care and cleaning when storing our helmets, we need to be aware that they also expire. Although there isn’t a specific date such as with other products like food, there comes a time when we have to stop using the helmet and replace it with a new one.

The off-road helmet: What you need to know

Have you ever wondered why road and off-road helmets are so different? An enduro or motocross biker, or simply someone who rides off-road, requires different features from their helmets. We’ll tell you why.

The helmet visor

There are different types on the market according to their transparency percentage. There are also mirrored and iridium visors and even visors that get darker based on the amount of light they receive.