Neck-brace: Neck-brace for motorcyclists

One of the most fragile parts of your body in a fall is your neck
One of the most fragile parts of your body in a fall is your neck. When a motorcyclist has an accident involving this area, the resulting injuries can be very serious and irreversible.

To avoid this, the use of a neck-brace is becoming increasingly more popular to protect the neck in a fall from a motorcycle.

It’s now very common to use a neck-brace in motocross and enduro and there are increasingly more road and scooter riders who protect themselves with this accessory.

As you can imagine, the neck-brace opens and is placed around the neck. With the neck-brace done up and the helmet on, head movements are limited to a certain point. Therefore, in the event of a fall, serious neck injuries are avoided.

In addition to the safety qualities of the neck-brace, the material, comfort, lightness, ease of attachment and design are taken into account. There are different sizes and different ranges with different prices on the market.

Without a doubt, the neck-brace is an accessory that we will be seeing more of on the streets and it’s worth considering buying one due to the high level of protection they give motorcyclists.