Motorcycle helmets also expire

Despite all the care and cleaning when storing our helmets, we need to be aware that they also expire

Despite all the care and cleaning when storing our helmets, we need to be aware that they also expire. Although there isn’t a specific date such as with other products like food, there comes a time when we have to stop using the helmet and replace it with a new one.

It’s not a cleaning issue. The helmet can be spotless, but with the passing of time its materials lose their protective properties, meaning that they don’t do their job properly or at full performance.

Nevertheless, there will be a real and specific expiration date as soon as the helmet hits the ground. However new it may be, following a fall of over a meter and a half the structure of the helmet considerably loses its properties and must be replaced.

How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

The truth is that there are many affecting factors. The cleanliness of the inside and the outside, the use of paints and products, exposure to different weather conditions (sun, rain, hail, heat, cold), etc. This all affects it, and depending on the level, will mean that the helmet is available for use for more or less time.

As a general rule, and taking into account a normal use, a helmet made with thermoplastic or polycarbonate resins tend to last in full working order for about 5 years. Meanwhile, other helmets tend to stretch their life up to 9 years, although you need to keep an eye on the wear and tear on the inside.

Apart from that, you need to consider some measures to carry out with a certain frequency. The first is inspecting the outside of the helmet. It may have some superficial scratches, which in no way reduce its protective ability. You can also replace items such as the visor, chin strap or naricera. However, if the scratches are deep or you can see past the outer layer of the helmet, either due to a knock or because the material has stretched over time, you’ll have to put it to one side.

The inside of the helmet also absorbs part of an impact thanks to the Styrofoam. This material should go back to its original position if you gently press it with your finger. If it doesn’t, it means that it’s considerably lost the absorption capacity. The interior padding must also be kept clean to maintain it in perfect condition.

Remember to pay attention to these items and take certain care to extend the life of your motorcycle helmet which, even so, will finally have an expiration date. In the case of doubt, the brands and other shops have officia.