Vozz Helmet, a different modular helmet

Just when you thought every type of helmet had been invented, someone comes along bringing completely new ideas in terms of design and security.

One such example is the Vozz Helmet brand, with its brand new helmet, the RS 1.0which aims to revolutionize the design of helmets as we have known them so far. The Vozz is a modular helmet, with the peculiarity that it opens at the rear and not from the chin cup.

This way, putting on and taking off the helmet is made much easier by opening and closing the rear access and slipping the head through it when putting on or taking off the helmet. So far, just like a normal modular helmet. But its design enables you on the one hand to do without a chin strap, and on the other it allows safe access to the head in case of accident to avoid causing injury to the motorcyclist in case of accident.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet is when there has been an accident. Until now with integral or modular helmets, one of the recommendations has always been not to remove the helmet from the victim because this may cause serious injury.

The Vozz helmet has an axle around which the rear cover revolves which can be removed. Simply take out the cover and the screw which you’ll find inside. This way you can release the axle on the top part and the bottom part using the thumb pads and dividing the helmet completely in two with no need to force the injured motorcyclist’s head. Even so, this should only be performed by qualified medical personnel.

The helmet has been approved by DOT (USA), ECE (European Union) and the authorities in Australia/New Zealand, since the Vozz helmet complies with minimum security regulations, but we feel that the secure opening and closing systems may well have a negative influence on its effectiveness against impacts if we compare it with a one-piece integral helmet.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting innovation for improving the safety of motorcyclists being treated after an accident.