Heated grips, a solution against the cold

In winter, the extreme cold causes many to leave the motorcycle at home
One of the greatest issues with the motorcycle (or delights, depending on your point of view) is the exposure of the driver to inclement weather. Extreme cold makes many leave the motorcycle at home, but there are also may who know how to equip themselves properly so as not to abandon their bike when it gets cold.

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, you should dress in thermal clothes, a jacket with the corresponding insulating layers of insulation, pants with inside lining and suitable gloves and boots.

It is precisely the hands which are one of the parts of the body which suffers most from the cold and sometimes even when we buy really good gloves which protect really well, it is still not enough to protect them from the cold. One of the most effective “physical” solutions are mittens or cuffs which cover the hand completely against the cold and the wind.

However, they can be a little dangerous when you take your hands of the handlebars and they are rather unsightly. Everyday, more and more motorcycle models have heated grips installed as standard or an option. This is a device, which uses electrical energy from the battery to generate current around the grip which in turn generates heat which is transmitted to the driver’s hand.

If the model of your motorcycle does not foresee the installation of heated grips, parts manufacturers offer generic options, which you can install yourself or have it done by a garage. The installation requires a certain manipulation of the electrical circuit and knowledge of how it works, so if you don’t really know much about it you’d better leave it to a professional.

They usually include an on/off switch and even two or more heat settings.

When installing them it is advisable to include a cut-off relay in the circuit controlling the contact so that electricity only flows when the ignition is on. This way we avoid leaving the grips switched on when the ignition is off and wasting the bike’s battery.

Bear in mind that heated grips will usually be wider. If you have small hands, you’ll find them more uncomfortable. Try them out in a shop beforehand to see how they suit you. There are a lot of different models on the market and with different prices, but this is undoubtedly an interesting solution for combating the cold, especially when touring or for long trips on the freeway.