Target groups

Mainly third sector and Social Economy entities

Mainly third sector and Social Economy entities

The organizations that may apply for these grants will principally be: Third Sector and Social Economy organizations as defined in Article 5 of Law 5/2011 of March 29 (mutual societies, cooperatives, worker-owned companies, etc.).

Entities covered in Article 7 of Law 5/2011 that are legal entities (Alliances, Federations, Associations and Unions) may also apply.

All of these must meet a series of minimum requirements, including the following:

  • Be established at the national or regional level with the capacity to operate in at least 3 autonomous communities.
  • Be able to demonstrate their financial solvency.
  • Have previous experience in implementing similar projects.
  • Have demonstrated administrative and technical capacity with experience in managing public funds from the EU, mainly ESF.
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