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Strömholm's Catalog

Christer Strömholm

“We cannot photograph the experience of others”, Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm (1918-2002) once said. The phrase evokes his peculiar approach to photography, expressed in a body of work that reflects both his hectic biography and frenetic travel activity, as well as his unwavering complicity in the face of human suffering and the complexity of existence in general.

Published in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition held at Fundación MAPFRE in Madrid, this 296-page catalog includes one hundred and fifty photographs, almost all of them vintage prints and old exhibition prints, with additional archival material. Strömholm’s extraordinary production is therefore covered in all its aspects, from his participation in the German group Fotoform, in the early fifties, to the iconic portraits of his friends, the transvestites of the Place Blanche in Paris, through his many travels, his street photography and his portraits of artists.