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Jorge Ribalta's Catalog

Jorge Ribalta

Jorge Ribalta (Barcelona, 1963) is a curator, art critic and photographer, activities that he has combined since the beginning of his career in the 1980s. In 2005, his work underwent a radical change that divided it into two opposite periods, at least in its basic conception. In the former, his work focuses on poetically exploring the constructed naturalism of photography, while in the latter he redirects his projects towards a reinvention of the documentary.

This catalog, published on the occasion of the exhibition Todo es verdad. Ficciones y documentos 1987-2020 [Everything is true. Fictions and documents], contains in its 280 pages the works that made up the first retrospective exhibition on this artist and shows the evolution from an illusionist photography of staged scenes initiated in 1987 to “documentary photography”, which began in 2005 and which he continues to practice today.