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The Crescer Institute prepares young people for employment in Brazil

The goal is to train young people in socially vulnerable situations so that they can be integrated into the world of work

The Crescer project trains young people to help them join the labor market

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Current Project

Itajaí is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Santa Catarina and it has the highest school failure rates in the country. Outside school, the only option these children have is street violence. Most of their families earn less than the minimum wage and they drop out of under-resourced public schools where delinquency is rampant. Although school attendance has gone up over the last few decades, there is still a lot of work to do to improve the quality of the education system. This situation leads to an under-trained workforce.  

For this reason, the young people who take part in the Crescer Project have a great opportunity to learn, work and grow as people. Using a method developed by the International Network of Creative Schools, they work on content related to communication, health and the world of work, as well as ethics and citizenship. 

The students take part in the planning and implementation of the activities and the training is both theoretical and practical thanks to agreements with organizations in the business, scientific, political and cultural world. Theater is one of the learning strategies they use, and young people are encouraged to get actively involved in events, debates and youth forums. 

This project is intended to help strengthen Brazil’s social development and improve the precarious social and educational reality in which it finds itself. 

The young people actively participate in various events and forums and, at the end of the project, they can become trainees in companies where they broaden their prospects of inclusion in the world of work, thereby boosting the development of youth empowerment.