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The Manabí Association nurtures the future in Ecuador

Training and leadership for women and food programs for minors

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Completed Project

The Manabi Association, together with the Mujeres Santa Marta Association, seeks to strengthen female leadership through comprehensive training. The project’s principal training areas , supported by Fundación MAPFRE, are: strategies for building spaces where equal participation and decision-making takes place and strategies for investing in local and sustainable development.

This collaboration, which benefits 40 women, aims to provide new opportunities to these women, through the training and systematization of a comprehensive social and financial management model.

Furthermore, the Manabí Association, also supported by Fundación MAPFRE, carries out a project to improve children’s nutrition in the city of Manta in Manabí province, Ecuador. The Association looks after 120 children in the San José de Manta nursery school.

Each child receives 4 meals daily – breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. In addition, the project includes guidance sessions for parents to promote better nutrition at home, prevent malnutrition and improve infant feeding.

The Manabi Association seeks to bring about cooperation in the development of the areas of education, job training, women’s advancement, protection of children, health promotion, community strengthening, sustained social and economic development, as well as cooperation in developing cultural activities.