Peace and security for children and adolescents

Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Ecuador

Divided, as its name indicates, by the equator, this country is the most densely populated in South America. This does not prevent it from also being the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world. In addition to Spanish, there are thirteen other indigenous official languages. Ecuador is a major oil exporter and the main producer of bananas.

6 projects

Safe spaces for children from 1 to 5 years old

Current Project

The Acompañando a una generación (Accompanying a generation) project from Cesal and the Fundación Sembrar provides daily childcare centers for children to attend while their mothers are working.

A place where children and teenagers can rebuild their lives

Current Project

Thanks to the work of the Fundación Sor Dominga Bocca, young girls and teenagers from Guayaquil, Ecuador, who have experienced mistreatment and abuse, get to become the drivers of their own lives and to make a fresh start which will help them to become empowered women in control of their destiny.

The Manabí Association nurtures the future in Ecuador

Completed Project

The Manabi Association aims to strengthen women’s leadership skills and independence within the fight for gender equality. In addition, it carries out a project to improve children’s nutrition in the city of Manta in Manabí province, Ecuador.