Projects for education, development and integration

Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Panama

Located on the isthmus of the same name, which links North and South America, its privileged position and the existence of the Panama Canal have had a decisive influence on the country’s development. It is currently the Latin American country with the highest economic growth. With our support, different projects are being carried out in the country.

8 projects

Transforming underprivileged young people into active citizens

Current Project

The “Brindando protección, crianza y educación a niños y adolescentes sin familia o cuya familia no tiene capacidad de hacerlo (Providing protection, nurturing and education to children and adolescents without families or whose families are unable to help them)” project from the Ciudad del Niño association (Panama) offers protection, care and development opportunities for young children at the center, based on their age and abilities.

Unleashing the potential of teenage mothers in Las Claras, Panama

Current Project

Almost a third of pregnancies in Panama involve teenage mothers. Voces Vitales provides comprehensive support to 98 young mothers so that they can rebuild their lives and become change agents in order to ensure a brighter future for their offspring.

Asociación Ciudad del Niño works to raise student academic performance

Completed Project

The objective is to strengthen the learning and raise the academic performance of children, young people and adolescents from low-income backgrounds, thus ensuring they remain within the school system and pass to the next levels, as well as helping them to develop personally and socially in line with their abilities.