San Vicente de Paul

San Vicente de Paul San Vicente de Paul

Saint Vicent de Paul helps more than 4,000 families in Spain. It has a network of warehouses containing clothing, food and basic necessities which are mainly supplied to homeless people and disadvantaged families. Personal hygiene and cleaning products, footwear, blankets, cots, beds, clothing... these are objects that we consider essential but which are often beyond the reach of too many people.

Everybody involved in Saint Vincent de Paul helps families that have been referred to them by social services, as well as homeless people and those at risk of exclusion and who are in need of their assistance. The association offers them a place where they can cover their basic requirements in terms of food, as well as providing a meeting place where they can socialize and relate to other people.

They help families in a disadvantaged situation and supplement this by offering job guidance, legal advice, psychological support and training workshops. To raise the largest possible number of donations they usually run specific campaigns. However, this is not enough. With your support we can help Saint Vicent de Paul to continue carrying out its invaluable work.

Integrating these people into society also plays an essential role in this project. To achieve this, for all those who need it, they provide social intervention centered on improving the person's role in society and helping to reposition themselves within it.

The Saint Vincent de Paul association provides a full non-stop service to these social groups who look to them for support. They offer their assistance 365 days a year to guarantee basic minimum services for those who need them most.

Make it possible for thousands of people to receive essential basic resources