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Giovanni Boldini, one of the most prolific Italian artists of the second half of the 20th century was considered in his era as a representative of «supreme beauty». We invite you to discover his work in dialog with that of other Spanish artists who moved in the same Parisian circles. Discover Belle Époque painting.


Dublin, its people, its collective energy, its moments of stillness, its music. The photographs of Eamonn Doyle, sometimes unsettling, continually surprise with their unique vision, and unexpected points of view. We invite you to learn about the work of one of the most celebrated contemporary photographers. Join us. Discover.


With over 60 works by this great artist from Mallorca, we take you on a journey into Miró's universe, a fantastic, personal and authentic world, infused with vibrant black spots and inhabited by immense primary colors. Uncover the poetry hidden in his paintings. Visit Espacio Miró


The exhibition Touching color. The renewal of pastel explores the resurgence of the use of this material as a medium for transmitting a specific idea of modernity characteristic of the 20th century. Through the works of the most noteworthy artists of the period, pastel proves itself to be an art form in its own right.

Educational and family activities

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Educational activities in Barcelona

We invite teachers to bring their students along to our exhibitions to learn about some of the most important artists of the 20th century in a new way, and to uncover the secrets of art through our tours program. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Family activities in Barcelona

Through our family activities we hope to stir the emotions of children and adults alike, to let their imaginations soar, to encourage their creativity, to fill up their senses and to help them learn a new way of looking at the world. Come along with your family and discover for yourself.