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Please read these instructions carefully. Keeping them in mind during your tour will make your visit much more satisfactory for all of us.

General Visit

  • It is not allowed to access the room with any type of drink or food. They will be removed before entering the hall and could not be retrieved at the exit.
  • Backpacks, bags and other objects whose size may represent a risk to the works on display or a nuisance to other visitors must be deposited in the cloakroom before entering the exhibition. The locker works with the deposit of a €1 coin, refundable when the deposited objects are removed.
  • Umbrellas must be placed in the umbrella stand before entering the hall.
  • It is not permitted to receive or make telephone calls inside the exhibition halls. If you need to talk on the phone, you must do so outside the exhibition areas.
  • No animals of any kind (including those in carriers) are allowed in the hall, except for guide dogs.
  • Photographs may be taken without flash, tripod and cell phone pole, except at construction sites where otherwise indicated.
  • Once the room is accessed, re-entry is not allowed.
  • During the visit, please keep quiet or speak in a quiet voice.
  • Visitors who, by infringing these rules or by other inappropriate behaviour, disturb the normal course of the visits, may be asked to leave the room.

Group Tour

  • These rules shall apply to all guided group visits. A group is understood to mean a set of 6 or more people in which one of the members acts as a guide during the tour of the hall.
  • Groups will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 people, including the guide. This limit may be subject to modification by Fundación MAPFRE depending on the characteristics of the exhibition in progress, the health prevention regulations in force at any given time or any other consideration related to the capacity and circulation in the hall. The guide’s access will be free of charge.
  • The same guide may not reserve more than 3 visits per day and a maximum of 20 visits per temporary exhibition. Fundación MAPFRE reserves the right to cancel reservations made in breach of this limitation.
  • Visits will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes from the reserved starting time, which must be distributed regularly along the exhibition route. Fundación MAPFRE reserves the right to cancel the guided tour if after 20 minutes from the scheduled start time the tour has not begun.
  • Upon entering the Hall, the group leader will identify him/herself at the Reception desk and will receive the accreditation that identifies the visit turn. The group guide will wear this badge throughout the visit in a place that is always visible to the auxiliary staff.
  • In the Madrid hall, it is essential to use a Radio-Guided System, consisting of a microphone and a transmitter for the guide and a receptor for each of the components. The group may bring its own audio-guidance system. If you do not have one, you can purchase it -both at the online ticket office and at the ticket office of the hall- at the same time you get the “external group” ticket, at the price of 1€/pax. The transmitter for the guide is free of charge.
  • To ensure the best visiting conditions for the public present in the room, it will be necessary to maintain an appropriate tone of voice at all times by the person guiding the visit.
  • The guide will be responsible for ensuring that the group under his/her responsibility complies with the “Access and Visiting Rules” available to the public in the lobby of the hall, and in particular those relating to:
    • The prohibition of the introduction of food or beverages
    • No use of cellular phones in the rooms
    • The obligation to deposit umbrellas in umbrella stands
    • The prohibition of access carrying large objects and, in general,
    • The need to avoid any behavior that may be annoying for the rest of the visitors (dispersion, loud talking, etc.).
  • Visits must end on time. In the event of non-compliance, the room staff will warn the guide of this circumstance, and Fundación MAPFRE reserves the right to ask security personnel to invite the group to leave the room if the instructions of the room staff are not heeded.
  • In case of repeated non-compliance, by the group leaders, of one or more of these rules, Fundación MAPFRE reserves the right to temporarily or indefinitely suspend the right of the groups to request reservations.
  • The formalization of a group visit reservation implies the acceptance of this document.


Madrid-Barcelona, julio 2022