Quality certifications

Quality certifications Quality certifications

We believe that it is necessary to establish flexible, clear and systematic management procedures in all of our activities in order to fully satisfy their intended beneficiaries. As an organization we are constantly learning and we put in place mechanisms that enable us to progress day after day. We are committed to ongoing management improvement in the all of our programs, we promote respect for the environment and we ensure the occupational health and safety of our people. The quality certifications awarded to us validate our procedures and our steadfast commitment to society.

ISO 5001 ISO 5001

ISO 50001

We are committed to caring for the planet which is why our processes comply with ISO 50001, the new international standard that is estimated could influence up to 60% of the world's energy consumption. We are transparent in our management of energy resources, we promote best practices in energy management and we foster, within our organization, projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Solidar Certificate Solidar Certificate

Solidar Certificate

We received the Solidar Certificate from this non-profit association, founded by businesspeople and professionals, which recognizes companies, institutions and professionals who have shown the greatest commitment to people with disabilityies, either by hiring them directly or assisting them with job-finding measures. Our Together We Can program, which facilitates integrating people with disabilities into the labor market, was awarded the maximum three stars, an exceptional certificateion, acknowledging that this initiative can be regarded as a perfect example in the field.

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ISO 14001 ISO 14001

ISO 14001

We are a socially responsible organization and we believe the use of tools that integrate the environment into our global management is essential. As a result of the implementation of the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001, we optimize resource and waste management, reduce the detrimental environmental impact resulting from our activities, and we minimize the risks that may come about as a result of environmental accidents.

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