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Tap your way through a huge array of knowledge in the widest collection of apps for your mobile device.

For children, there are games and books that teach them about road safety in an entertaining way. Meanwhile, adults can browse the Fundación MAPFRE library for interesting history books and download the Insurance Museum catalog.

TeCuento App

TeCuento App

This app enables children and adults to personalize their own stories in Spanish sign language in a simple and fun way. You can illustrate the tales with your own pictures and save them to be shown as many times as you like. Available on Android.

CPR11 app

CPR11 app

Make sure you've always got this app to hand, which gives you the 11 steps for saving a life. Learn how to deal with a cardiorespiratory arrest at a sporting event at any level (players, coaches, referees, family members, spectators, etc.). Available from the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Phone.

Soy Cappaz App

Soy Cappaz app

With this app, people with disabilities can turn their mobile phones into working tools that can help them get to work and remind them of tasks they have to do, through simple videos. Available from Google Play.

"S.O.S Breathe" app

Preventing death from choking is possible if you have the S.O.S Breathe app on your cell phone. This app teaches you what to do in an emergency and is an essential tool for everyone who works in the public arena. Download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.

"Touch the Sign" app

Put this entertaining game on your mobile device to learn about the different types of traffic signs. First revise the different types of signs and then try to pass the fifteen levels in the game. Download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.