Educational support for children living in vulnerable circumstances in Chile

72 children and young people form part of the program

72 children and young people form part of the program 72 children and young people form part of the program

The Fundación Padre Semeria has been working on the “Educational Support” project, supported by Fundación MAPFRE since 2015, by means of which 72 Chilean children and young people receive proper educational support.

The program takes place in the Fundación's Homes in  Pintana, which houses children who have been living in vulnerable situations.

The program is structured in three complementary sections:

  • Academic upgrading: this takes place from Monday to Friday and is run by each of the home's educational psychologists. It focuses on the boys and girls arriving at the homes who have not gone to school before and have behavioral and learning difficulties that prevent them from completing a full day at school.
  • Educational support: this is run from Monday to Thursday in the afternoons and is a time when teachers support children in their various tasks and studies and help them with study habits in general. It takes place in the study lounge of every home.
  • Extra-curricular Activities Workshop: activities workshops are held on Fridays for unscheduled activities which seek to uncover the children's burgeoning talents, and to work on their social skills and increase their self-esteem.

The Fundación Padre Semería, founded in La Pintana in 1983, believes that education is a fundamental tool in helping underprivileged children escape from poverty.