A warm meal shared together for underprivileged children in Germany

170 children are benefiting from this project

170 children are benefiting from this project 170 children are benefiting from this project

The Die Arche organization provides a free daily breakfast to the children at its school, with Fundación MAPFRE's support. The project was the response to a need they had uncovered, namely that for many families having a warm meal together does not form part of their daily routine.

In the Ark center, a healthy and varied diet for children contributes significantly to ensuring they have a productive day which they can make the most of.

The project includes the children's participation, letting them know their preference in order to create a meal plan that works for them. They also take into account the customs of migrant children.

The organization believes that eating together is a special moment when you can talk to your children and nurture personal relationships. Experiencing an atmosphere of acceptance in their home.

The Ark's employees are happy to listen to the children's problems and joys and also teach them to respect what they are eating and to behave properly at the table.

Die Arche fights against childhood poverty in Germany by caring for the children taking part in their out-of-school program and offers them free meals and help with their homework, emotional support in order to empower and inspire them, and sports and musical activities.