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With every article you will helping those who need it most

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With every article you will be helping those who need it most, in line with the philosophy of Fundación MAPFRE: to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people and groups, in that all of the funds collected in their entirety go to the collaborating organizations and help people at risk of social exclusion. We at Fundación MAPFRE provide the platform and the volunteers to make it all happen. And it is they who put their hearts and souls into every project.

We also want children to show solidarity! In the 2014 edition we set up the Children's Market, staffed by the “Young Volunteers” of 4 to 16 years old, thereby educating them in matters relating to solidarity. At the Children's Market you can find everything that the youngest members of the household will appreciate. This space also features a leisure area where workshops and performances can be held to provide entertainment.

Thanks to your contribution, in the last edition we collected 34,021 euros, which meant that 10,000 Spanish families in genuine need received basic food supplies for a whole year. In addition, thanks to the Solidarity Market, 450 children received packs of toys, books and clothes as part of the Festival of the Three Kings, which was celebrated on 4 January in Madrid.