Meet the beneficiary organizations

We support those who work to improve people's lives

Meet the beneficiary organizations Meet the beneficiary organizations

In this new edition of the Feria Solidaria, we donated all earnings from the sale of Fundación MAPFRE articles and all of the takings from the Gourmet Zone to Unicef.

More than 7 million children need our help after the latest earthquakes in Mexico, and we believe it to be a cause we must actively support. Our objective is to guarantee the distribution of drinking water, protect children against abuse and exploitation and strengthen the foundations of damaged schools.

Moreover, we are firmly behind those entities and bodies that share our values and that work on a daily basis to mark a before and afterwards in society. That is why we share our sales area for articles with those organizations we most identify with.

These are the organizations that were alongside us at the last edition of the Feria Solidaria:

Unicef Unicef


UNICEF firmly believes that all children have the right to survive, prosper and achieve their full potential to the benefit of a better world. That's why, since December 1946, UNICEF has defended the rights and wellbeing of children worldwide in over 190 countries and territories, working to improve their lives and those of their families. Despite the notorious challenges they face around the world, all UNICEF staff fight in favor of the human rights of all children that are seeking safe refuge, food, protection from disasters and conflicts and also equality.

Copade Copade


A fair trade organization whose priority is to look after groups at risk, those without opportunities to access international markets by seeking collaboration agreements, public-private partnerships and the promotion of responsible consumption.

Asociación Talismán Asociación Talismán

Asociación Talismán

A non-profit association set up in 2009 by a group of families from a rural region at the point where the provinces of Ávila, Madrid and Toledo meet. They promote and defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, trying to improve their quality of life and that of their families and relatives.

Colores de Calcuta Colores de Calcuta

Colores de Calcuta

An NGO working in India, in the neighborhood of Pilkhana (the City of Joy) in Calcutta, concentrating its efforts into the fields of health, education and job training, providing development opportunities to improve the conditions of people living in extreme poverty.

Fundación Bobath Fundación Bobath

Fundación Bobath

Foundation dedicated to the comprehensive assistance and treatment of people affected by paralysis and brain damage, following the BOBATH philosophy. They work on the educational and professional training of those disabled by paralysis or brain damage from school age through to gaining professional qualifications with which to enter the labor market. They encourage the creation of job positions and their integration into the world of work, as well as helping to train professionals to look after people with paralysis or brain damage as well as promoting research into cerebral paralysis and brain damage.

Manos Unidas Manos Unidas

Manos Unidas

An association run by the Catholic Church in Spain to assist, promote and develop the Third World. Manos Unidas channels all of its work into two complementary activities: raising awareness amongst the Spanish people, so that they know about and are aware of the realities of developing countries; and support and funding for projects in Africa, America, Asia and Oceania to collaborate in the development of Southern populations.

San Vicente de Paúl San Vicente de Paúl

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

The charitable activity of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is based on attending to the most needy through close contact, face to face with the person being helped, with the objective of fostering and encouraging their social reinsertion by addressing their material and spiritual needs. The efforts of the SSVP are always entirely focused on a process of regeneration that defends human dignity and social justice, directed at the personal development and self-promotion of all those they assist.

Asión (Asociación Infantil Oncológica de Madrid) Asión (Asociación Infantil Oncológica de Madrid)

Asión: Apoyo psicosocial a familias con un hijo enfermo de cáncer

An association of mothers and fathers with children suffering from cancer who help other families cope with this situation. It offers social and emotional support to give information and advice to families about the social resources they have access to. In addition, it assists children diagnosed with cancer in the process of adaptation to their new situation, maximizing their sense of emotional wellbeing and avoiding present o future psycho-sociological problems at all stages of the disease.

Apadrina la Ciencia Apadrina la Ciencia

Apadrina la Ciencia

Apadrina la Ciencia (Sponsor Science) is an organization whose purpose is to attract donations for specific research centers, in such a way that if potential donors want to see specific lines of research being developed, they are put in touch with the group that carries them out.

Itwillbe Itwillbe


An organization that works to redistribute the world's wealth to encourage global, balanced and sustainable human development. That is why their projects are aimed at eliminating inequality, as well as promoting the independence of women; and at the same time supporting International Cooperation projects with a highly predictable social impact.

AvanzaONG AvanzaONG


The NGO Avanza was created to guarantee inclusion and quality of life for all those with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families throughout their lives. They work to achieve this by providing support and opportunities for self-determination and the highest possible level of empowerment; all achieved through commitment to and collaboration with other institutions.

Fundación Juan XXIII Fundación Juan XXIII

Fundación Juan XXIII

It works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, maximizing their abilities and personal development, encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency. One of their main goals is that these people are visible, have confidence in themselves, that they establish their place in society and achieve the level of dignity that we all desire.

Fundación Recover Fundación Recover

Fundación Recover

A Foundation based in Africa that supports those with few available resources so they can have access to quality medical care, covering the costs requested by hospitals, and also providing basic consultations on subjects such as pediatrics, malaria or meningitis.

Asociación Debra Asociación Debra

Asociación Debra

The association DEBRA-PIEL DE MARIPOSA works to improve the quality of life of people with Butterfly Skin Disease or Epidermolysis Bullosa. The association's team gives support and accompaniment to sufferers and their families on the hard journey that living with this rare disease represents. In Spain, there are more than 2,000 people affected and the association offers the requisite psychological, social and healthcare support to all those who request it.

The wellbeing and happiness of these people is what drives the DEBRA-PIEL DE MARIPOSA team each and every day and represents their raison d'être.

Fundación Aldaba Fundación Aldaba

Fundación Aldaba

Fundación Aldaba was created to provide the maximum possible support to people with disabilities, focused on those with the most limited levels of autonomy. The service that is most often provided is the judicial assumption of guardianship responsibilities, but it also channels its efforts into protecting children at risk and in promoting the socialization of people with functional diversity. Their commitment is to care for the most vulnerable.

Aspadir Aspadir


Aspadir is a leading non-profit organization that was set up in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid), whose efforts are concentrated on the inclusion, normalization and self-sufficiency of people living with functional diversity. They defend the rights of people with psychological, physical and/or sensory diversity and their families.

Igual a ti Association Igual a ti Association

Igual a ti Association

The Asociación Igual a ti is a non-governmental non-profit making association. The objective of each and every one of the professionals and people who make up the organization, along with the services and support they provide, guarantees the quality of life of every person with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families throughout their entire life cycle. Their aim during the Feria Solidaria is to spread the word about products designed and handmade for people with disabilities.