Guerrero, José

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José Guerrero

Granada , 1979


In José Guerrero’s photography the air has texture. That color is accompanied by a silence that seems to dominate these landscapes which say so much about us, our hopes and fears, even though we rarely find human figures in them.

José Guerrero was born in Granada in 1979 but lives and works in Madrid. ”With the first three films I used in a photography course I realized its potential”. At that time he would make a crucial visit to an exhibitionby Richard Misrach: it is not difficult to imagine him somewhere between confused and accomplice, before a work that would be an incentive under his gaze. 

The technical architect then begins to think about what to do because his work with a construction company did not allow him to fulfill his wishes. But he takes his time until he takes one of those turns in life which remind us of novels and that many have wanted to do with theirs: change direction. Leave everything: start in a new direction.

Finally then, the coherent and daring outcome: attend the Escuela de Arte de Granada (Granada Art School) to study photography and fine arts, although in the end I only did photography. The time there did not serve much purpose apart from meeting three or four important people and the experience itself. 

“Photography as a language; as a means that serves as an excuse to discover other worlds, a way to acquire knowledge. Light and color: how to work with color, where to locate the horizon, the flight, the perspective””, he affirms while weighing up his words in a soft tone. 

”Nature, the city, the rural and the urban, man and his footprint in space and time; those are the subjects I work on, the subjects that obsess me and through which, through photography and in certain codes, I feel that I can express myself as an author””, he writes.

José Guerrero’s challenge is to trap the world and the echo that man leaves behind, to fix his essence in color. And to leave it on the record. 

José Guerrero has received, among other awards and grants, the Caja San Fernando Young Andalusian Artist for the development of the Efímeros project in 2005 and in 2008 he enjoyed a stay at the Spanish College in Paris. In 2011 he was awarded the XIV Manuel Rivera Scholarship from Granada City Council, through which he has worked, along with Mark Klett, at Arizona State University in the United States. He has received commissions from the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León and the Fundación Banco Santander. His work is part of the collection of Arizona State University (ASU), the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the CAAC (Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art), the DKV Collection, Fundación Santander, Fundación Purificación García, Fundación María José Jové and Fundación Coca-Cola, among others.