Hiroshi Sugimoto. Black Box

JUN.23.2016           SEP.25.2016

Visual beauty at the limits of technique

Tri City Drive-In, San Bernardino, 1993
Courtesy of the artist
© Hiroshi Sugimoto



JUN.23.2016         SEP.25.2016


Recoletos Exhibition Hall
Paseo Recoletos 23, 28004 Madrid

This show, under the title Hiroshi Sugimoto: Black Box, provided us with an overview of some of the most outstanding work by an artist that seeks to situate the spectator within the limits between illusion and reality.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, a multidisciplinary artist born in Japan in 1968 and based in New York since the 1970s, works with sculpture, architecture, installations and photography. He is considered one of the most important photographers on the international scene.

The exhibition included nearly 40 large-format works in a review of the last forty years of the artist’s work.

The exhibition

A great intellectual and an expert on the artistic tradition and classical Japanese culture, Hiroshi Sugimoto creates highly conceptual art that leads the spectator to philosophical reflection. He rejects digital technology in favor of traditional methods in which life, death and the passage of time are the underlying principals. In this way, he is able to capture realities invisible to the human eye, revealing the blind spots in our experience of the world.

His works are characterized by great visual beauty and a high degree of technical virtuosity. The photographer has effectively reinterpreted some of the most characteristic genres of the classical photographic tradition, rejecting digital technology in favor of traditional methods. The work of Hiroshi Sugimoto constitutes a profound meditation on the nature of perception, illusion, representation, life and death.

This exhibition offers an overview of his most well-known photographic series and is organized in five sections: Seascapes (1980), Portraits (1994-1999), Theaters (1976), Dioramas (1975-2012) Lightning Fields (2006).

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