Mathieu Pernot. Document/Monument

SEP.22.2023          JAN.07.2024

Palmira, 2021

Mathieu Pernot
Palmira, 2021
Courtesy of the artist
© Mathieu Pernot

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SEP.22.2023        JAN.07.2024


Recoletos Exhibition Hall
Paseo Recoletos 23, 28004 Madrid

The exhibition Document/Monument surveys almost the entire career of Mathieu Pernot (1972), from his work in the early 1990s to the present day, a body of work already widely recognised on an international scale that confronts us with some of the main marginal realities of our time with an atypical and highly personal approach.

It can be said that Pernot’s photography explores a single theme, the displaced: migrants, gypsies, victims of armed conflicts… people who move in search of a dignified life and who are in turn displaced to the margins of society, whom Pernot follows and portrays over the years. In the tradition of documentary photography, his images are mixed and dialogue with archival funds to end up creating a highly original point of view and, above all, far removed from conventional and univocal visions, while at the same time posing a reflection on the social function of the photographic medium.

The exhibition, with about 300 works and a selection of books that highlights the importance of publishing production in the artist’s career, includes works on display for the first time, such as the series produced in 2022 in Melilla commissioned by Fundación MAPFRE or the photographs of the damaged by the civil war buildings of Beirut, taken in 2000.

Curator: Victoria del Val (Fundación MAPFRE).

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