Collective Intelligence for Impactful Investment

Through Red Innova we gather talent and share knowledge

Through Red Innova we gather talent and share knowledge

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In these moments of social distress due to COVID-19, the concept of impact investment seems more fundamental than ever, so it’s likely that there will be a big push in the near future.

Joaquín Garralda, Dean and CSR Expert at IE Business School.

The Collective Intelligence Committee (CIC) is an initiative of Red Innova, the global community of social innovators connected with the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation, boosted by IE.

CICs were designed to bring together Red Innova members who have mutual interests, skills or experiences. We strive to generate value not only between ourselves, but also for our other friends in Red Innova, and for society as a whole by collaborating and sharing our collective knowledge.

Capitalism does a great job of creating wealth, but it does a poor job of creating well being. The fact that impact investing sits at the nexus of these two goals is something truly powerful. There’s a lot of evidence showing the power of groups; given that, I’m very excited for the opportunity to join the talented minds at the CIC to collaborate on some worthwhile challenges.

Andrew Wong, Fundie Ventures.

The members of the CIC for Impact Investing have a combined +100 years of experience working across innovation, social responsibility, startups, finance and academia. They also have a deep interest in Impact Investing and bring experience from 3 different continents and diverse economic environments, from Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Colombia and the United States.

We firmly believe that impact investing is going to grow enormously in the coming years and forming part of a group like the CIC is going to help us to learn about all of the key players and possibly even prepare for future investment rounds.

Oscar Lozano, Rithmi.

What brings us together is not only our experience, but also our passion for creating social change, with our members dedicating their careers to working in various facets of social innovation: from Finance and Insurtech; to Sustainable Mobility and eHealth.

So far we have been connecting online to share ideas and think about the impacts of impact investing during this complicated time, as well as developing thought leadership and delivering guest lectures to students at IE University. With so much changing at the moment and in the future, we are looking forward to engaging and thinking about how impact investing may change in the future.

The members of the CIC: Impact Investing are:

  • Andrew Wong, Co-Founder @ Fundie Ventures.
  • Joaquín Garralda, Dean at IE University and CSR Expert.
  • Laura McDermott, Founder and Director @ Red Innova.
  • Maribel Torcat, Director @ BK Club.
  • Murilo Casagrande, Partner @ Aromeiazero.
  • Nuria Fructuoso, Marketing Manager @ Navilens.
  • Óscar Lozano, CEO and Co-Founder @ Rithmi.

If you have any questions or would like to share ideas with the Collective Intelligence Committee: Impact Investing, reach out to Laura at

About the author:

Laura McDermott is the Design Lead in the Centre for Social Innovation at IE Business School. She designed and now manages the Red Innova, a global community of social innovators connected with the MAPFRE Foundation Awards for Social Innovation. Laura has published articles in The Beam and Global Voices, as well as receiving two IE Awards for the Humanities for her writings on Ethics, Democracy, Behavioural Design and Sustainability.