Training our Creative Confidence

How to train it and gain confidence in ourselves

How to train it and gain confidence in ourselves

Whether it’s the way we are educated or just the daily grind, a large number of people perceive themselves as being less creative than they really are. In fact, our creative confidence diminishes on a yearly basis, as our fear of failure increases, of being judged, of being in an environment that doesn’t allows us to risk making a mistake, to name but a few of the reasons. Creativity is something that greatly benefits our lives and we need to keep our creative confidence trained.

David Kelley, co-founder of Ideo wrote the book Creative Confidence with his brother Tom and he shares some of his thoughts in this TED talk. Since 2010, I have been fortunate enough to be part of the Stanford community as a result of which I fully support the objective that everybody should betraining their creative confidence no matter where in the world they are.

Instead of looking at who is more or less creative, we should be training to have confidence in ourselves, our teams and our projects, as well as training our creative confidence, increasing the moments that activate it and reducing those that inhibit it, at the same time as exploring strategies that allow us to explore creative challenges in more depth. Through this we will succeed in increasing our creative confidence.

Creative confidence is part of a fundamental global movement to find solutions to the social and environmental challenges that we are currently faced and which we desperately need to solve. That is why it is highly recommendable to train it.

About the author:

Max Oliva, a teacher and engineer with postgraduate qualifications, is an international entrepreneur. Max is co-founder of Impact Hub, one of the world’s most influential entrepreneur networks. He undertakes projects, gives classes and conducts workshops in more than 20 countries.