José Manuel Martínez Martínez Lifetime Achievement Award

We reward those who demonstrate unlimited dedication to others

We reward those who demonstrate unlimited dedication to others

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Recognition of a person for their professional career, who has also dedicated their time and effort to supporting social causes.

Recognition is given to a person who stands out or has stood out for excellence in their professional career, for contributing to the development of society, whether at an economic or cultural level, in the world of health, research, the environment, social justice, and so on, to build a more humane present and future.

The candidate’s generous dedication to their professional activity, their professional achievements, as well as the benefits derived from it for society, and their generous support for charitable causes will be valued.



In this edition, the nominations in this category will be presented by:

  • The winners of previous editions.
  • The members of the judging panel for this year’s edition.
  • Members of the foundation’s main governing bodies.
  • Other institutions and individuals invited by Fundación MAPFRE.