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Dedicated to those working to improve the world in which we live

Over the course of the various editions of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Awards, the list of men, women, and groups to whom we have wanted to give well-deserved recognition for their tireless work to improve people’s lives has grown longer and longer. They are an example of unwavering resolve to make the world a better place.

We thank all of them for their dedication and commitment to others.

Carlos Sainz

There are many people and organizations around us who dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of others. In this edition of our Social Outreach Awards we wanted to highlight the following: Carlos Sainz, two-time world rally champion and three-time Dakar champion, for his sporting successes and his human and charitable work in support of various causes; BrazilFoundation for creating a support network in Brazil for the most vulnerable people; the Madrid City Council Fire Brigade for its work on suicide prevention; and Pilar González de Frutos, for her work on supplementary social protection in Spain.

Carolina Herrera

Once again this year, our Social Awards put the spotlight on people and organizations that strive to improve the lives of others. This year’s winners were: Carolina Herrera, who has combined a successful professional life with a deep dedication to various humanitarian causes; the medicalized train in Ukraine, from Doctors Without Borders, for bringing healthcare to people in a critical situation; Fundación Integra for getting thousands of vulnerable people access to decent employment; and Bodega Matarromera for its contribution to innovation and sustainability in its sector.

Premio A Toda una Vida Profesional

Having been forced to suspend the call for our Social Awards in 2020, the awards are back again this year to recognize the hard work of committed and altruistic individuals and institutions. The worthy recipients of our awards this year include performer Raphael for his lifetime achievements, the work of the Juanfe Foundation to improve the lives of teenage mothers, the advances in the social inclusion of people with impaired vision and other disabilities achieved by the ONCE Social Group, and the contributions of professor Abel B. Veiga in helping us to decipher the importance of digitization in the insurance sector.

2018 Fundación MAPFRE Social Outreach Awards

In 2018, our award-winners were clear exponents of commitment, generosity and solidarity: Emilio Aragón won the Lifetime Professional Award for his charity work; the Mary’s Meals organization was recognized for its dream of feeding and educating one-and-a-half million children around the world; Surgery in Turkana won an award for bringing hope to thousands of patients in Africa; and Agrindus S.A. won for its corporate commitment to the environment and the local economy.

Fundación MAPFRE 2017 Awards

There are people and organizations who anonymously and selflessly work to improve the lives of others. The 2017 award winners are a clear example of this generosity at work: Vicente del Bosque for giving visibility to groups that need the most care, FUNDACIÓN EHAS for bringing health services to women in rural areas of Guatemala, O dentista do Bem de Turma do Bem for offering dental services to thousands of children in Brazil and the Organización de Bomberos Americanos (Organization of American Firefighters) for training firefighters throughout Latin America.

Winners who work every day to make the world a better place

The 2016 winners need little introduction, as their merits are only too well known: the cardiologist Valentín Fuster for a lifetime dedicated to treating and preventing heart disease, the “Abandoned in the City Streets” program: “Help” project by the psychiatrist Luis Rojas-Marcos, for psychiatric support that Fundación Aladina provides to children with cancer and their families, and the World Class Driver risk prevention project by Grupo Alsa.

Fundación MAPFRE 2015 Awards

Her Majesty Queen Sofía, the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR), the Acción Contra el Hambre Foundation and the Promoción Social de la Cultura Foundation (FPSC) were the winners in 2015. The values of Her Majesty Queen Sofía and her tireless work in support of the most vulnerable members of society, something that also distinguishes the other award-winners, led to the choice of winners this year. A great example to us all.