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Foundations large and small carry out important work for the benefit of society by promoting its development and meeting its different needs. Nevertheless, the work of foundations often goes unnoticed which is why foundations are joining forces to demonstrate their efforts to make the society we live in a fairer one.

On the 7th European Day of Foundations and Donors, for the first time ever, all the foundations in Europe will be on Twitter at 12 noon, using the hashtag #October1Europe. We want to tell you about the goals that motivate us and the essence of our organizations. We will reveal who we are through a photograph and a few lines that represent us. We will offer you a brief history that reveals our big ideas and provides an insight into how we contribute to improving people’s lives.

The European Day of Foundations and Donors, an event promoted by DAFNE and which AEF supports in Spain every 1 October, seeks to ensure that the work of foundations receives sufficient visibility and that we gain an understanding of the sector’s potential.

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