Fundación MAPFRE wins an award for its ‘Juntos Somos Capaces’ project

12th Edition of the Fundación Randstad Awards

12th Edition of the Fundación Randstad Awards

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Social Action

On Tuesday, 13 June 2017, Fundación Randstad presented the 12th edition of their Awards, annual prizes that recognize work undertaken by firms, institutions and the media aimed at integrating and raising awareness about groups at risk of social exclusion. This is precisely one the main challenges addressed by Fundación MAPFRE. Through the program ‘Juntos Somos Capaces’ we work to integrate people with intellectual disabilities and mental disease, thereby fostering relationships between firms and social bodies.

Julio Domingo, managing director of Fundación MAPFRE and Daniel Restrepo, director of the Social Action Area, were presented with the Fundación Randstad award in the Institutional category for the program ‘Juntos Somos Capaces’. Although a great deal of progress has been made, there is still a long way to go before people suffering from intellectual disability and mental illness can enter the world of work without encountering problems. Encouraging their integration is the main objective of the program and one of the great challenges faced by Fundación MAPFRE.

The program was launched in 2010 and, since then, 4,118 firms have joined in and we have made a further 5,836 aware of it. Training grants are used to provide work experience in firms so that the beneficiaries can later be incorporated into the labor market. Since its launch, 2,654 people with intellectual disability and mental illness have found work.

The other award winners were Alsa, in the Companies category for their project ‘¿De qué eres Capaz?’ (What can you do?); Specialisterne, in SMEs for their work on integrating people with ASD or Asperger syndrome; Discapnet, in the Communication category; and the sports journalist Javier Hernández as the Honorable Mention.

Thank you to all those who work day after day to break down barriers. “The only disability in life is a bad attitude. That is something we will never have. Together we we will get to where we want to be.”

Find out more about our program ‘Juntos Somos Capaces’.