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Tips on how to entertain our children in the car while keeping them safe

Tips on how to entertain our children in the car while keeping them safe

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Road Safety

How much longer? How much longer? How much longer?

For most children, traveling in the car, especially if it takes more than 30 minutes, seems like forever, because time does not pass at the same speed as it does for adults, so a 2-hour trip can seem interminable for them.

That’s when we, as parents, must entertain them so that, on long journeys, they have something to distract them to make the trip more bearable. Keeping them busy is very much a question of active safety, since, if the child is restless, they can become nervous inside the car, and this will not help the driver.

Here are some safety recommendations that are important for a safe trip.

It is important to encourage interactive games inside the car where children do not move out of the correct sitting position in the car seat. There are many websites that recommend various word games and games that involve looking for objects or letters in the environment, which can help us to keep our children entertained during the trip.

In addition, they can use electronic devices, such as tablets or DVD players to watch a series or movie they like. But here are a few considerations: the tablet must be firmly attached to the front seat, as it could be thrown around in the event of a collision and hit the occupants of the vehicle.

Tablet mounts are aftermarket products and have no type of approval, as there is no applicable regulation. For this reason, we recommend using the vehicle’s original accessories whenever these are available in the accessories catalog, as these do have to meet the same approval requirements as the car’s interior.

On the other hand, it is advisable to move the front seat as far forward as possible, in order to ensure that the device does not hit the child’s head in the event of a collision.

If children use headphones, they should be of the button type or similar, since if they are a different type they could affect how the headrest protection systems of the child’s car seat work.

It is advisable that video game consoles are also installed in the front seat and that the child uses a separate remote control. This way, their head will always be in the correct position in the car seat. The remote control should have a wrist strap to ensure that it does not fall off and the child starts to look for it outside the seat, which would put them in a more risky position.

Finally, we would like to offer you some recommendations regarding comfort. When traveling with children, especially if they are under 10 years of age, it is advisable to stop for about 30 minutes every 2 hours at the most. You can take advantage of rest areas or parks. Allowing our children to run and play for a while will make the trip much more pleasant and, as a result, everyone will be calmer and, consequently, safer.