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Insurance and Social Protection

In an increasingly globalized world, we have become more aware of civil society’s pivotal role in improving our world and how the choices we make on a daily basis can have a profound effect on our surroundings.

We have learned how important it it to recycle, we care for the environment and we act with solidarity towards our neighbor. This has all had an impact on our daily conduct and some of our consumer decisions.

Why not take it one step further? Your decisions can also help to transform the world. You may not have thought about it until now, but investing in a company which has been fined for its polluting activities is not the same as investing in one which is fully committed to the environment. And you are the one who decides.

In order to meet this new investor requirement, SRI (Socially Responsible Investments) have come onto the market. These investments are at least as efficient as traditional investments in terms of risk/return and they allow you to find out more about the activities of the companies in which you are investing and even to decide if you want to invest in a specific project.

With this type of investment you can be sure that your money will be invested in companies and projects with a similar ethos to your own. Moreover, by prioritizing sustainable attitudes to the environment, social well-being and good corporate governance, companies will take note of the fact that their ethical commitment is crucial to attracting clients and investors.

Take another step forward in your commitment to society.

Get informed and take action.