Are pregnancy seat belt adjusters safe?

We also advise you to look for adjusters that have been approved and reviewed, to purchase brands with good ratings

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Road Safety

Pregnant women are safe to drive for most of the pregnancy as long as their doctor or midwife has not advised against it. There are certain months during which driving carries with it a greater risk for the mother and the fetus, but generally speaking, there is nothing preventing a pregnant woman from leading a normal life, including driving. Apart from any medical advice you may receive, as a pregnant woman, you should be aware of your own condition and any possible limitations you might have. If you feel unwell, tired or uncomfortable, you are the best person to judge whether you can drive or not.

As established in the Spanish Traffic Law, it is compulsory to use a seat belt in any car seat, and mothers who drive must, first and foremost, adjust it correctly. Correctly positioning the seat belt is extremely important for pregnant women: the lap belt should be placed over the thighs and below the belly. The upper strap should lie between the breasts and should never be positioned any other way as this would affect the protection this restraint system offers.

Pregnancy seat belt adjusters are simply securing systems that hold the car seat belt in place. With these adjusters, we can ensure that the seat belt will not slide around during driving and will not end up on top of the pregnant belly, which would undoubtedly put the mother and the baby at great risk in the event of a collision.

Therefore, these pregnancy seat belt adjusters are not, by themselves, passive car safety systems. We also advise you to look for adjusters that have been approved and reviewed, to purchase brands with good ratings, and to not let yourself be influenced by low prices. When it comes to any device associated with driver and passenger safety, the price is irrelevant compared to what they can offer you in terms of protection.

Above all, do not forget to take a look at our decalog on what not to do when driving if you are pregnant. These are not prohibitions or anything that could be considered illegal or against the Spanish Traffic Law. We simply want to advise you on how to help make driving while pregnant as comfortable as possible, and how to limit or reduce the risks associated with it.