Save electricity by all means – but take care

If you use electrical appliances at night, be extra-careful

If you use electrical appliances at night, be extra-careful

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With the new electricity rates you’re almost certainly wondering how you can make savings. One possible measure is to change the times you use electrical appliances to the cheapest time bands, known as the ‘valley slot’ in Spain, between midnight and 8.00am on weekdays, and 24 hours a day at weekends and public holidays.

Under normal conditions, if you leave the washing machine on and go to bed, nothing should happen. However, you should not overlook the fact that according to the latest Study on Fire Victims in Spain 2019, in the case of 41% of fatalities, the likely cause of the fire was electrical. Furthermore, the same study noted that 55% of the domestic fires that caused fatalities were at night, a time when we are more vulnerable due to our inability to react during the initial phase of a fire while we are asleep.

This is why if you are in any doubt we recommend you get your appliance and installation checked. Make sure they are in the optimum condition, and above all do not manipulate them in any way. If necessary, contact an authorized installer to avoid any unpleasant surprises – or worse.

To escape a fire at night unscathed, we recommend that you have fire detectors installed in your home. These small, inexpensive electronic devices are your best bet for warning of the start of a fire or the presence of smoke (even when you can’t see it), emitting an acoustic signal that alerts you to the danger so you can take action.

These precautionary measures are not just for domestic appliances. If you recharge your bike battery overnight, or leave your cellphone plugged in, you should also take the maximum precautions. Always remember that when you are asleep you lose your ability to react.