What should you know before you buy a child restraint system?

Let the professionals advise you

Let the professionals advise you

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Before going to a specialist store to buy a child restraint system, we should understand some basic concepts about what we are looking for and what will best suit our needs.

Within the world of child restraint systems there are many options, and if we have not narrowed down our needs a little, once in the store we could make a bad decision. We are going to mention some basic guidelines that we should all take into account before we go to a store to buy the product.

The first thing to consider is the age, weight and height of the child.

Secondly, it is important to evaluate how we are planning on using the child restraint system. Usability is something that brands work hard on, to make it easier to put your child into the car seat on a daily basis, but this comes at a cost. Normally, solutions that enable us to turn the seat towards the door to put the child in more easily, and bases on baby carriers are very useful, but also more expensive, even though they do not mean that the system is any safer. So, if you are going to use the device very frequently, it is advisable to opt for this type of solution, while if you are going to use it more sporadically, this is not necessary.

We must also take into account the details of the vehicle in which the car seat or device is going to be installed. We recommend that you take the vehicle’s user manual with you, in order to dispel any doubts regarding the car’s anchor systems. The store specialist will help us to interpret the information. Whether the car has an ISOFIX system, which seats it is in, if there is a top tether, or if the floor is suitable for a support leg, are some of the important questions to consider when choosing the right child restraint system.

With all this information and the help of the store specialist, you will be able to select the right restraint system for you.

It is essential to test the device in the car

The next, and most essential step, is to test the restraint system in the car, as there are many factors that affect how it fits into the vehicle. Without testing it, we will not be sure whether or not it is the most suitable choice for us.

The distance between the seats, their shape, the angle of the backrest, and the position of the seat belt anchorages are factors that manufacturers cannot fully take into account when designing a child restraint system and, therefore, how the product is ultimately installed will depend on which car we have.

That is why it is so important to go to a specialist store, where they can help us to make the best decision. The most secure decision.