Psychological support in the hardest times

During 2020 we offered a free telephone and online service for relatives of the people who died due to COVID-19

Free telephone and online service for relatives of those who died from COVID-19

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Losing a loved one, not being able to be by their side or say goodbye, mourning alone without the love of friends and family. So many people whose relatives have died of coronavirus have found themselves in this situation. People who suffered this loss in the State of Alarm tried to cope and get on with their routines. But one day, with our return to the “new normal”, many of them realized that the extraordinary situation in which they had experienced their loss had not allowed them to grieve properly.

Experts sounded the alarm about the pathologies that may arise if grieving is blocked. Additionally, the lockdown aggravated the depression and stress produced by the loss.

To help the relatives of the deceased in these difficult moments, we offered a free online and telephone psychological service. The experts from Grupo Luria Psicología supported many people in their grief so that they could feel all the emotions associated with their loss and express these in a guided way. The psychologists provided a safe space, a supportive voice and someone to share with.

It is important for experts to know how each person experiences this emotional burden, to help them seek relief and let them understand that, although difficult, mourning is a necessary and natural process. For this reason, users of this service were first given a personalized assessment to select the most appropriate specialist according to their personality, age, sex and other personal circumstances, and they were treated in the shortest possible time, either by telephone or online, in sessions lasting at least 45 minutes. Each person was offered the necessary follow-up for their case.

This Fundación MAPFRE initiative was launched in collaboration with the experts at Grupo Luria Psicología and the help of the National Association of Funeral Services (Asociación Nacional de Servicios Funerarios; PANASEF), with the aim of reaching out to all those who lost a family member.

At the most difficult moments, we are by your side.

Supporting you. Looking after you.