Fill your dreams with color

Learn the art of depicting feelings from Miró

Learn the art of depicting feelings from Miró

Joan Miró
Personnage et oiseaux / Person with Birds, 1969
© Successió Miró 2020

Contemplating a painting by Joan Miró is always a magical experience because it reveals a world of imagination that embraces colors, fantastical figures, and movement.

You will almost certainly have noticed that Miró loved painting nature and, in general, the simple things in life that made him happy. Today we want to share with you three secrets that the artist used to achieve that free and joyous spirit so typical of his work:

  • Color: Miró loved using primary colors: red, yellow, blue. He also included black, green and orange. With this color combination the artist managed to create paintings bursting with energy and life.
  • Lines: The lines the artist drew on the canvas move with the same natural motion as the flight of a bird in the sky. This is how the artist created animated, unconstrained images.
  • Paint spatters: The little drops of paint scattered across Miró’s paintings help to make the work more expressive and light-hearted.

As you can see, Miró loved mixing vibrant colors, undulating lines, and original splashes of paint.

If, when you look at one of Miró’s paintings, you wonder: what is he trying to portray? what does the painting look like?, we can’t give you an answer, but we can suggest a game that will help you to unveil the mystery…

Let your imagination soar using colors, lines and splashes, and paint these feelings:

  • Joy.
  • Goodness.
  • Loneliness.
  • Hope.
  • Fear.
  • Life.

What are you waiting for? Grab all your colors, plenty of fresh paper, and let yourself be led by your emotions! And don’t forget to paint like Miró: Fill your dreams with color!