Now more than ever

We would like to share our passion for art. We are knocking at your door. We are here, with you. We want to be by your side.

We would like to share our passion for art. We are knocking at your door

We invite you to a world of ideas, knowledge and sensations. Here is some cultural content to explore and live an experience. It heals the soul through the senses, as Oscar Wilde said… That is why we have created this section, we hope it helps you get through this difficult time.

We are aware that this is not easy and may be a long-term issue. But try for a moment to forget this unprecedented situation that you are going through. Waken all your senses, be attentive and receptive. Join us on this journey.

We all need culture. Art makes difficult moments easier to bear, because it reminds us of the best in human beings. We want to help you feel better: here is our suggestion. Let us look after you. Allow yourself to be inspired.

Brush strokes to discover a work of art

Any day of the week, it could be a Wednesday. On that day you might feel the need to discover something about a work of art. Today a Schiele, tomorrow Graciela Iturbide, on Friday an interview… pills of knowledge, poems, quotes… just a few details that tell you something new, unique, magical, about a work of art that maybe you did or didn’t already know.

Games to express emotions

Children need a space to play, where they can develop and grow. We offer you contents adapted to the little ones, so they can be creative and travel to imaginary worlds. Children can walk through walls and jump over barriers. Play with them. You´ll learn a lot. #ArtForChildrenFM

Creative challenges to distract ourselves

As we keep reminding you how important it is these days to take care of yourself, we reach out to you with this cultural proposal. So you don´t forget. So you are still moved. So you can enjoy. Healthy mind, healthy body, alert imagination. #CreativeChallengesFM

This is the time to learn, to satisfy your curiosity

Let the great masters of photography and plastic arts, museum and exhibition curators, into your home. Listen to the voices of the experts, enjoy and learn.