Activities for children

Games to express emotions

Games to express emotions

Children need to play and learn to develop skills and their senses. In the situation we are living, this need becomes even more important.

During the confinement we will be offering activities to do together, to create a space in which to let their imagination run free. Help them express their wishes, feelings and fears. Encourage their imagination and get them to express their feelings and fantasies.

Send us your creations. Share them with us on Social Networks. By sharing children’s creativity we can generate a huge wave of hope, which is essential these days. Don’t forget to tag us @mapfrecultura and add the hashtag #ArtForChildrenFM. Get excited with us!

Create a character with whatever you have to hand

This week’s challenge is a very special one, because it is the last of our activities based on the work of Joan Miró. You already know how to use colors like the Catalan artist and how to reuse objects to give them a new life. Now it’s time to let your imagination run wild, create a character and wait for it to spring out of the picture to say goodbye.

Miró gives objects a new life

Miró reused many objects, giving them a second life. Take advantage of the things you no longer use to give them a new function, or create characters. Give them a second chance.

Learn the art of depicting feelings from Miró

Sometimes, when we feel a certain emotion, a color springs to mind. Or if we’re looking at one of Miró’s works, we might discover brushstrokes of feelings. Today we invite you to paint joy, hope, fear or loneliness. Take a fresh piece of paper and be guided by your inspiration.

Imagine it, put it into color, and express all the poetry inside you

Miró was fascinated by the sea and the sky, by trees and animals. From a very young age he was attracted by nature and filled his drawings with figures and landscapes. Miró used to draw things that made him happy. What about you? Why not draw a place where you’d like to be right now?

Colors for expressing emotions

Choose something around you that you’d like to draw; let yourself be inspired by colors and reproduce them on paper. Express your emotions with blues, reds and yellows. Let your imagination soar and trust your instincts. That’s what the Catalan painter used to do.

Imagine who might be the protagonists of these two sculptures with the same name

Rodin and Giacometti each gave the same name to one of their sculptures: The Walking Man. Help us to imagine who these two characters might be, where they are going and what they would say to each other if they met. Give them with a voice and feelings; name them; tell us their story.

Sculpture different parts of a body and combine them as you like!

If you enjoyed making your own homemade clay and creating figures like Rodin and Giacometti did, now you can go a step further and make your own characters. You can model them or draw them, you just have to use your imagination. Would you like to?

Would you like to sculpture like an artist?

These two great artists excelled in the field of sculpture, although they were also drawers and painters. We encourage you to make a sculpture like Giacometti’s. Think about what you want to represent, choose the material and start modeling!