Imagine, reuse, create

Miró gives objects a new life

Miró gives objects a new life

Joan Miró
Femme et oiseau X/X / Woman and Bird X/X, 1960
© Successió Miró 2020

Today we’re going to tell you about another of Joan Miró’s secrets:

When it came to the objects that the Miró used every day, such as clothes, brushes, bottles, food packaging, etc., his view was that once they were finished and no longer useful to him, rather than throwing them away they should be given another opportunity and another use found for them. Almost certainly some of you are thinking that this sounds very much like recycling. Indeed, many years ago Miró already realized that objects could be given a ‘second life’ and he got a lot of pleasure imagining and thinking about what that life might be.

As Miró was an artist, he re-used a lot of things in his workshop, and the picture we see here – Woman and Bird X/X – is a prime example. Why? What did he do with this work?

Here’s the secret:

Miró used the fabric from a coffee sack as the basis for creating this work. When he had finished the coffee, he cut up the sack, spread it out and prepared it like a canvas for painting.

Here’s the plan:

Imitate Miró and observe the things around your home. Think about those that you could find another use for once you have finished with them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Jam and marmalade jars: There are so many ways to reuse them: for example, as vases. Spring is the ideal time for this! And don’t forget to decorate the outside with lots of colors.
  • Glove puppets: When you get a hole in your socks, don’t throw them away – turn them into puppets! Stick on a couple of buttons for eyes and use scraps of colorful fabric to create hair, a crest and a mouth.

You can create all the different characters you want by using your imagination!