Rodin-Giacometti. Create your own sculpture

Would you like to sculpture like an artist?

Would you like to sculpture like an artist?
Would you like to sculpture like an artist?

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Look at these works of art by Giacometti. As you can see, the surface is not smooth, in fact, it has a lot of marks and bulges. You can see his fingerprints and nail prints. The artist, through his modeling, managed to create living sculptures that expressed emotions. They are works that “speak to us” through matter.


Choose a material that is easy to manipulate: plasticine, clay or bread dough. Try different ways of working with it: press it, squash it, pull it apart… Use a spoon, the tip of a pencil, your nails, anything you can think of to shape it. Watch how your figure takes shape.

If you don’t have clay at home, we’ll you how to make it: Mix 100 g salt and 50 g flour. Add water slowly. If your fingers get stuck, add a little more flour. In about 3 days it will be dry and ready to paint!


Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). He is known as «the father of modern sculpture». He couldn’t study at the Academy of Fine Arts, the place where artists were trained, as he was rejected on several occasions. However, Rodin revolutionized sculpture with his original works; hence he is one of the most famous artists in the world.

Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). His father was a painter, so from childhood Giacometti was in contact with art, in his own home. This is how he came to know the works of Rodin, whom he admired all his life. Over time, Giacometti became very famous and his sculptures are unmistakable.