Families are put to test

How to handle conflict, a pending subject

How to handle conflict, a pending subject

The situation we are experiencing is not easy for family balance: we are forced to stay at home, we spend more hours with our family than usual and we don’t even have the option to go out to relieve the tension. In this scenario, knowing how to manage conflicts to stay calm is essential.

We’ve all had arguments with our parents, children, siblings or partners. Differences and tension will is to arise in the family, but we do not always know how to manage them. Conflict is part of our learning, and learning to deal with it improves our ability to relate to one another.

Here are some simple guidelines on how to manage conflict and strengthen inter-family relationships:

  • Response. Our words and tone of voice cause feelings. Speak nicely and with care towards others.
  • Convey. Try to speak calmly when a situation bothers you. By explaining what is happening to you, you allow others to understand or respect your point of view.
  • Listen and negotiate. Don´t be stubborn. There is always more than one solution and you need to be flexible in order to reach agreements.
  • Be flexible. All family members are making a huge effort, even though they are different and have different points of view. That’s what makes you special.
  • Share. Tell us how you feel, if you are afraid or nervous… sharing what worries us helps us feel better.

Make it easier to live together, put these tips into practice. It´s worth it. And if they’ve been useful, share them.

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