Look after your back

Follow our tips to avoid injuries

Follow our tips to avoid injuries

Back pain, one of the most frequent reasons for work incapacity, usually caused by incorrect postures for long amounts of time. In the situation we have experienced, with confinement, you have probably spent more time sitting or lying down and teleworking for hours, without moving or doing physical activity. In this scenario, muscle pain and contractions are even more common. To take care of your posture health, here are a series of tips to help you prevent back injuries.

Exercise and stretch paying attention to the technique

It is important that you do at least 30 minutes a day of physical exercise and stretching to strengthen the back muscles. To do this, it is important to warm up properly and take care of your exercise technique to avoid injuries. Also, do not do exercises that shorten the lumbar spine, this would lead to various ligament injuries and pinched nerve fibers. What’s best? Always start with some stretching and keep your back straight during the exercises.

If you are remote working, adapt your work area

Organize your workspace to avoid bad postures and if necessary use extension cords or adapters… It is important that you also adapt your work equipment, such as chairs or tables, to a suitable position, keeping your back supported and as straight as possible, with your computer screen at eye level. We recommend that you have an adjustable elbow support or a foot rest, and have space to move your legs.

Also try to combine standing and sitting, for example, get up to talk on the phone. Finally, avoid unnecessary bending or twisting.

Pay attention to your rest

Even if you think that lying in bed is good rest for your back, the truth is that most posture errors are made in bed. Choose a firm mattress and try not to arch your spine by bending your legs.

Strengthen your abdomen

Decompensation due to a the lack of abdominal muscle tone can be the cause of an excess of curvature in the back. Don’t forget to train your abs!Doing plank and body exercises will help work this area.