Pay attention to your feelings

Feeling stress these days is normal, but only to a certain extent…

Feeling stress these days is normal, but only to a certain extent...

In most cases “feeling down” only spoils an afternoon or prevents us from concentrating for a few hours. But when anger, frustration and worry begin to recur, action must be taken immediately: you’re probably suffering from stress.

You can start taking steps by including some exercise, yoga, tai chi, or meditation in your routine. Try to avoid being negative. This is not always easy, to help you achieve this here are some tips that you can easily put into practice at home:

  • Express your feelings. Everything you let go will calm you. If you can´t share your feelings with anyone, write them on a piece of paper, preferably by hand.
  • Breathe deeply, and above all, slowly. Let your thoughts and the feelings associated to your emotions move freely through your body and gently leave them behind.
  • Listen to music. It has been repeatedly proven to have great therapeutic effects. Look for songs that remind you of nice moments that help you relax.
  • Stick to your sleeping timetables. If you are having difficulty sleeping, prepare for the night with a warm bath or relaxation techniques.
  • Try to be objective. If a friend was going through something similar, what would you say to him or her? Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, while requiring some mental effort, is enormously useful and an investment with a guaranteed return.
  • It activates positive feelings that can be an antidote. Any activity we enjoy or entertains us can be useful: read, watch an episode of our favorite series, or even something as simple as looking closely at a picture of someone we love.

If nothing you do helps, and if the situation is truly emotionally complex, see a psychologist. Don’t worry, during the state of alert psychologists are still working online.

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