Remote working

Here are some guidelines for a healthy environment

Here are some guidelines for a healthy environment

Improvisation is not a good friend of remote working. Going from one room to another with your laptop in hand or choosing an inappropriate place can make your daily task more difficult. To be able to concentrate at home, think about where you are going to set up and how you are going to organize yourself. Follow our recommendations and… get to work!

  1. Find a quiet, well-lit place.
  2. Try to make it the same place every day and, only work in that place.
  3. Stay away from distractions as much as possible.
  4. Keep in touch with your colleagues, just like you would at the office. Video calls are very useful to keep a sense of closeness.
  5. Keep your work schedule with its usual breaks.
  6. Move, take advantage of phone calls to walk around.

It may seem strange at first, but there are many people, co-workers, friends, in your same situation with whom you can share your experience.

Here are some contents and some recommendations we believe are useful to you. We want to support you during this exceptional situation we are all in.

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